B.EN IN A BOX - The concentrated premium nutrition drink

The times when there were only a few refreshing drinks and lemonades are something of the past for quite some time. A new generation of drinks has come along in recent years: Energy drinks which, most of all, are said to have a stimulating effect. Most products in this range are characterized by a very  artificial taste and a high content of sugar and glucose syrup. The rule also is the addition of acidity regulators and preservatives, colourants and aromatics, synthetic caffeine as well as the artificially produced amino acid taurine which - in combination with plenty of caffeine - is said to have a stimulating effect.

We had the vision of a drink that shall provide energy in an natural manner so that health-conscious people may also consume it. This was the beginning of our premium nutrition drink and at the same time the start of Berry.En in the year 2009.  In the small black bottle with silver imprint, it was not only extremely stylish, but also outclassed off-the-shelf products mainly because of its specific formulation: A particularly high content of natural fruit juices, exclusively with only natural caffeine, without artificial stimulants, colourants and aromatics and also without glucose syrup and conventional sugar. Due to its high popularity, we have decided to offer B.EN exclusively as a yielding concentrate for the time being, to enable individual mixing ratios regarding the drink itself but also for other modes of use such as cocktails and long-drinks as well as fruity deserts.


B.EN is an unforgettable taste experience.

Revitalize your body and mind with this gorgeously tasting and refreshing nutrition drink. Berry.En® B.EN™ contains a premium mixture of berries and plant extracts which are rich in antioxidants. In combination with the low-glycemic carbohydrate Palatinose™, this premium nutrition drink is a pleasant and natural alternative to strengthen your performance while you are facing the every-day challenges of a modern lifestyle.

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Pure and concentrated B.EN 'in a box'

  • Choose your individual amount of B.EN and mix it with water
  • The convenient BAG IN BOX dispenses even the smallest amount
  • A fruity topping for ice creams and desserts
  • A shot of B.EN for cocktails


The appropriate energy supply is an important factor for the physical as well as mental performance - especially athletes are all too well aware of that. In order to achieve optimal performance, muscles need sufficient amounts of fuel in the form of carbohydrates. Whereas a few years ago, it was assumed that simply the quantity of carbohydrates is crucial, we know today that it is also important what kinds of carbohydrates are consumed. We now distinguish between 'fast' and quickly utilized carbohydrates and the more advantageous 'slow' and long-term energy-supplying carbohydrates.

Regarding this, the functional carbohydrate Palatinose™ (Isomaltulose) has special properties: As the only fully consumable and low-glycemic carbohydrate (glycemic index 32) which supplies the body with a direct source of glucose, Palatinose™ (Isomaltulose) provides the body with a consistent, even and long-lasting supply of 'carbohydrate energy'. Due to a very strong molecular bond between the fructose and glucose molecule, resorption happens step by step, ‚slower‘ and over a longer period of time. Large fluctuations in blood sugar levels as can be observed after the consumption of high-glycemic ‚fast’ carbohydrates, can thus be avoided. Like this, energy is used more efficiently.

Carbohydrates are not the only sources of energy. Depending on the kind and intensity of the activity, our muscles draw their fuel not only from carbohydrates but also to a large extent from fats, in different proportions. In contrast to the limited carbohydrate storages which, depending on the kind of physiological stress, can only store enough energy for one to two hours of cardio training, fat reserves, even in highly trained athletes, are almost unlimited and supply the energy for high-endurance activities. For optimum endurance, athletes thus try to spare their carbohydrate reserves and instead use fat as a substrate as much as they can without risking negative impacts on their performance. The ability to effectively burn fat and draw a high percentage of the overall energy from it is thus of high importance for an athlete's endurance. Scientific studies in sports medicine have shown that Palatinose™ (Isomaltulose) can make a positive contribution to  increase fat burning rates.